Types of women’s fashion

We all know women love fashion, but the biggest issue with their fashion life is they never find the perfect dress for the event. They find themselves unsatisfied with their dressing. I know you are also like that, we all are the same when it comes to fashion or styling. If you know any women in your life then one thing you have heard from them at some point of time i,e. “I have nothing to wear.”                 

The trend of fashion is evolving in continuity, in which we start liking one fashion. The trend has come with many other options. The one thing that remains the same in the fashion world is traditional and ethnic wear, it never goes out of trend. Ethnic fashion is a timeless appeal and feminine charm to a lady. Countries like India have various festivals in which most of the people love to wear ethnic fashion to make their look elegant. 

You get endless options ethnically with the latest and trendy design at Param Couture, following different types of women’s fashion is our best:

The evergreen saree

The trend of wearing saree in India is one of the oldest fashion trends. No doubt a woman looks best in the attire of a saree, but when it comes to choosing a Saree the options are just endless. From fabric to design everything makes a saree different from other outfits. You can find different types of saree fashion in different cities of India, like Banarasi, Silk, and many more. As saree is the evergreen fashion it is still on the list of favorite clothing of every woman. 

Look of the women is considered as more elegant with saree, if you want the best and trendy fashion of saree designs then you can check our saree collection. 


Another favorite fashion item of most women is suit, the styling of the suit makes the look of a woman fashionable with an ethnic touch. No doubt every woman of any age has this outfit in their wardrobe. From heavy work suits to simple daily wear you will find every variety of suits to choose from. 

When it comes to a variety of women’s fashion the suit has various options in it, such as an Anarkali suit, salwar suit, palazzo suit. Simple A-line suit and many more. 


Kurti fashion is mostly worn by girls and especially office-going women, although it comes for every age of women. Kurtis is considered the most comfortable and elegant-looking ethnic wear for women. You can style your Kurtis with simple leggings to churidar. Girls love to wear Kurtis with jeans as casual and office wear, which make their traditional look more comfortable. You can find the latest design in Kurtis to choose from at affordable rates from heavy design for festivals to simple but elegant design for office wear.

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